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01 August, 2011

Confessions of a Criminal

I’ve committed a crime. A very serious crime.

I’ve been lazy. Too lazy to blog. I wish I could say that I’ve been too busy but that would be a lie. I have been busy but was never too busy. And it’s not that I never came near a computer. And it’s not that I didn’t have stories to share.

And in my utter laziness, I’ve disappointed the many readers who made the time to look up my blog, only to find that I hadn’t posted anything new. And this happened time and again over (gasp) almost a year. I feel so bad. I really have no words to express how sorry I am to have disappointed you.

Apologies won’t right the wrong so I will try to make amends in the only way possible. I’ll start blogging again. Regularly, I hope.

I am eternally grateful to my many readers who dropped emails to ask what’s been happening in my life, and offered words of encouragement to continue with blogging. You are the ones for whom I write, and your support really means a lot. Thanks a lot.

1 comment:

PEACHY said...

good luck on reviving your blogposts... i'm also planning to do the same thing :-)