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16 August, 2009

Away from My Blog

Dear Friends,

I know you've not seen me around here much.

But I've been very, very busy.

Too busy to write. Too busy to take photos. Too busy to blog.

My days (and nights) rushed by... merged into one another... I was busy. And I was scared.

The two men in my life were both in hospital.

Dad had a long-scheduled cataract-glaucoma surgery. Complications could arise because of his advanced age - he's 71! And Ranak scared the living daylights out of everyone by picking up acute Hepatitis E. His liver enzyme level (known as SGPT) climbed to 3400 (normal is 42!) and he turned yellow with jaundice, and dropped weight overnight! Hepatitis E is a self-limiting disease and has no known clinical cure.

I rushed from one hospital to another (located conveniently at two ends of town), and came home in between for a few minutes, took leave from work, and shopped endlessly for this and that (for there were a few house-guests who had to be cared for as well), and put on a brave and competent face for the world.

But at night, curled up in bed with Candy, the scared tears flowed. And I prayed. And promised to be good. And begged.

And God listened!

They are both home now. Recovering slowly.

And life is getting back to normal. Soon, I'll be blogging!

Thank you, dear Readers, for your emails and support through this difficult time.