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27 June, 2009

My Feathered Friends

Sparrows are nesting in my veranda again! And it's such a joy to wake up to their happy chirps.

Check out the proud parents.

And their home-delivered supply of food and water. They've now developed a preference for imported bird seeds over the local rice.

Apologies for the poor quality photographs (taken with my cell phone). Blame Nokia.

04 June, 2009

Time to Go

If I hadn't been born as a human, I'd probably have been born as a tree. I have a tendency to put down roots and spread branches wherever I go. And then when it's time to leave, the uprooting is very painful.

I have recently started a new job. Most would call it an upward career move, but in order to start this job, I had to stop with my old, which was a very sad parting indeed. I had been with that organization formally for two years, and informally for quite a while longer. Tree-natured that I am, it was long enough time for the roots to go down very deep and the branches to spread very wide.

Almost before I realized it, it was my last day at work. And we had a little party!

The food was yummy.

And the atmosphere was festive.

We had two unexpected underage guests.

But we were only serving soda anyway, so there was nothing to worry about.

The Boss pressed an ice cream on me. You can tell that I didn't want it.

Then I got told off when I opted for the junk food. The boss didn't tell off the others who were stuffing their faces - probably because they were not leaving. Such discrimination! Tsk..tsk!

But the tears were brimming in many eyes behind the smiles - in mine too of course, and I had a stash of tissues ready to stem the waterworks.

Yeah and some said 'good riddance!', and 'let's eat!' Oh well, you can't win 'em ALL.

I got some very thoughtful, very lovely gifts. My personal favorite was the scrapbook with photographs and scribblings from my colleagues.

And I want to thank Nuzi, for organizing it all, and for being such a lovely person and the best roomie a person can ever have. I will miss having my personal DJ.

And Akbar, for being friend, philosopher and guide. And the biggest softie ever!

And Afroja, for being such a great sister. Always compassionate. Always ready to lend a hand.

And Beata and Manzoor bhai and Rizwan bhai - what a great team we made!

And to everyone else, I just want to say thank you for making this place my home away from home, and for being caring and supportive throughout this journey. For letting me make so many happy memories. And most of all, for making me feel loved! There will never really be another bunch like you in my life. I will miss you so very much.

So ugh, let me pull up my roots, and go onwards with life. Please pray that I will be happy wherever my journey takes me. And remember, there will always be room for you in my life and my home will always be open for you.