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01 August, 2011

Candy's 5th Birthday

August was approaching. A very important month in our household. Our little princess was born on August 2nd. And her 5th birthday was knocking on the door. Planning for her birthday had to start.

I decided to have an animal-theme birthday this year. The guest list was limited to only a few close family and friends. The menu was also kept simple. The cake was deleted from the list because Candy isn’t allowed to eat cake, and it seemed unfair to have it on the menu when it was her party!

A birthday rhyme was found: "A birthday party is being planned And we hope you can come To share with us an afternoon Of good old fashioned fun. Please join us as we celebrate This most eventful day Come and be our special guests For Candy’s 5th birthday."

Invitation cards were printed and distributed.

Animal-print material was made into a dress (for me) and a collar (for Candy).

I put together a poster which would announce the party at the front door.

An animal-print banner was made and hung with red ribbon.

I was very fortunate to find some animal print upholstery material. It made the perfect table runner.

Two wooden bowls from Africa added just the right touch. As did the Black Bear cushion.

Golden, White and Red balloons were hung around the house with red ribbon.

We also hung reminders that it was a 5th birthday party.

Serving dishes were wrapped with red silk ribbon.

And the guests came. We ate and made merry.

Candy loved all the attention.

Not to mention her gifts.

It was a happy time for everyone.

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