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10 September, 2010

Shop till you Drop!

With Eid fast approaching, the shopping frenzy has increased in tempo. It's! And then buy some more!

We typically spend a third of our annual budget for clothes and accessories during Ramadan - buying for ourselves, for our extended circle of family and friends and associates, for the less fortunate, for our homes. It is predicted that total sales for Ramadan this year will top 16 billion Taka (about 230 million USD)! Businesspeople all over the country - at the mega malls, shopping centers and makeshift shops - are reporting better sales than last year in men's, women's and children's items. There is something for every taste and every budget.

I ventured to Bashundhara City Mall earlier this week. With 2500 retail stores spread over 8 floors, Bashundhara City is the largest shopping mall in South Asia, and sells almost everything under one roof (and a very colorful roof it is).

This is what I saw:

Yes, there were quite a lot of shoppers.

And this is what they were buying:

I should have made the effort to visit some other shopping centers like New Market and Gawsia Market, Mouchak Market and Bangabazzar, Bailey Road and Elephant Road, but I just couldn't bring myself to face the horrendous traffic. My apologies for not being able to share with you the photos of those very interesting and equally colorful places. Another time, I promise.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all Eid Mubarak, and hope for peace, tolerance, happiness and prosperity in your lives.

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