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08 August, 2010

The Dawn of the Pink Sun

Candy's 4th birthday was knocking at the door, and we planned a small get-together of family and friends. Since we couldn’t celebrate her 3rd birthday due to a family illness, we (well, if truth be told, I) decided to go all out (read, a little overboard).

Party planning started with hours of internet browsing (as a result, Ranak diagnosed me with internet addiction. Sigh!). In the end, we decided to have a pink polka dot themed party.

Cloth shops, craft stores and party supply shops were scoured for the right pink decorations. A 'To Do' list was drawn up and oft consulted. And the party accessories gradually started to take shape.

Pink Invitations were sent out. A dress code was specified.

A Pink Birthday Banner was lovingly made. And hung with Pink Ribbon.

A Pink Poster announced the party at the front door.

On the day, when the morning sun streamed in through the Pink Curtains, the entire room was bathed in a soft pink light!

There was a Pink Tablecloth and Pink Runners on the sideboards. The Pink Flowers looked so pretty!

Even the crockery dressed up in Pink.

And Pink Balloons were EVERYWHERE!

The Pink Cake looked too good to eat. There were Pink Drinks. And loads of other goodies.

The birthday girl wore the loveliest pink-polka dot collar. She looked ADORABLE (but I may be biased).

Her Mommy, Daddy and the housekeeper Sonia all were in Pink.

And the guests came. Wearing Pink. Laughing. Bearing gifts. There was even a handmade card!

Some gifts were played with right there and then. The poor crocodile lost a leg.

We cut the cake. The birthday girl wanted to lick all the icing but had to be satisfied with two slices.

We ate. And made merry.

It was a wonderful party.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with such a sweet-natured little girl. And for surrounding us with such great family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough...................................................................

Rajeev said...


I found your blog while searching on Google some nice travelogues on Shillong.

Although all your posts (foods' pics in your Eid post made my mouth watery. Yummy!) are nice, this one has some unique charm, given the birthday celebration of Candy. It's fun.

I will write to you more someday. Take care.


Rajeev said...


I realise I mispronounced your name in the last comment.

My apologies.