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14 February, 2009

On Valentine's Day

There was a time when I was living in the land of the broken-hearted. Perhaps you have lived in that bleak land yourself - the place where you awake feeling hopeless and fall asleep feeling hopeless. Where every song, every book passage holds tragic and poignant meaning. Where you cry. And cry and cry. Where you wonder, seriously, if you can ever love - like that - again.

I had been banished to that dark place when Ranak found me.

He was a man of few words but numerous gestures. On the outskirts of that cheerless land where I was living, Ranak took me out for walks, and long rides, made me talk about everything and nothing, and insisted I eat meals with him. And despite my very best attempts to send him away, he stayed and loved me even when I was incapable of loving him back.

Slowly, the deep fissures in my heart began to mend. And when, on one beautiful sunny day, Ranak proposed a forever with him, only one response seemed possible. I packed my bags, and without informing the gatekeeper of that joyless place that had become home, I left.

We got married soon after, on a lovely day in July. He was swooningly handsome in his sherwani. And I was as radiant as only a bride can be.

Today, almost four years and lots of great times and some bitter arguments later, despite being as different as chalk and cheese, we have grown on each other and at least I cannot imagine a life without him. (And I do hope he won't read this entry and get all big-headed, and make me lose my edge in arguments. And please, don't any of you tell him that I've written about him. Let this be our secret?)

So on Valentine’s Day, I offer not chocolates and roses to my dear husband Ranak but heartfelt thanks. For providing me with the one-way ticket that took me away from that sad and terrible place - the land with no sign posts and little hope. For surrounding me with solid and steadfast love. For standing by me and supporting me even when I am at my most difficult. For indulging my silliest whims and most unreasonable demands. For letting me build a home around him. For being my friend.
And to you, dear reader and keeper of secrets, I wish a very happy day, with or without a Valentine.


Rezwan said...

Happy valentines day to you and Ranak too.

Beata said...

This is very sweet. I miss you both. Happy (belated) Valentines Day to you and Ranak.

Bina said...

This is very cute Shantu