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16 February, 2009

Boi Mela 2009

It is the month of February, and this means that it's that time of the year again. This is the month I eagerly wait for. This is the month when my modest collection of books swells in number.

Due to work and other commitments, more than half the month had passed yet I was not able to go to the Ekushey Boi Mela (Book Fair to mark the occasion of 21st February). And I was panicking inside. How many books would I be able to buy if I got to go just once, I wondered out loud. And more important, my book budget was being spent on other things!

But I got to go today. Finally! Accompanied by dear, devoted (read long-suffering) Ranak. I don't think he could stand my whining any more.

The afternoon sun painted everything a glorious golden.

And the atmosphere was festive.

Bangla Academy also dressed up... and there were a few gimmicks to sell books.

The monument erected on the Bangla Academy lawn glowed in the sun.

And there were the books. Oh the glorious, crisp new books.

Of course, if you got peckish after all that shopping, there was street food galore.

And lots of other things.

And beautiful flowers.

Of course, I bought some books. And they ranged from the classics to sci fi to children's stories to travelogues, and many topics in between, some serious, some downright silly.

When our arms started to ache from carrying the books around, we stopped buying, and headed back. At home I spread them out on a table, and as I am writing this, I keep sneaking looks at them, and smiling a smile of pleasant anticipation.

I don't feel like going into work tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. Maybe I'll call in sick, and spend the day in bed.

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Beata said...

Reading this post made me miss our outing together to Boi Mela. But I wish ever more that I went with you to Bhutan!!! It is so beautiful there. Wonderful pictures.