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12 October, 2008

Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Dashami saw me venturing out to visit a few more mandaps.

The Durga idol at Banani Puja Mandap was very fetching. She and her children wore fabulous cork crowns. The design and motifs were very intricate.

There were piles of clothes and other offerings. We were offered fruit and sweets from the Devi's bhog.

Young boys played drums at the Jagannath Hall mandap of Dhaka University. I was tempted to try my hand.

Dhakeshwari Temple was the most vibrant in terms of color and ambience.

The temple ground had a festive atmosphere with various people selling their ware.
This character was a bit scary.
Friend Niall accompanied me on the photo shoot, adding color to the day.
He became an instant celebrity the moment he stepped into Dhakeshwari temple grounds. He was interviewed by ETV and RTV.
The last stop of the day was the Ram Krishna Mission mandap.
We unfortunately did not stay long enough to watch the Visarjan. Maybe next year...


shahrukh said...


Just found your blog last week and just loved it...being away from home...its a soothing experience to read someone writing with so much love and tenderness for a country/ city thats many might find hard to be in love with.

Shahnaz said...

Glad you enjoyed my scribblings. Home is where the heart is, and when you feel passionately about a place, writing comes easy. I know we have our problems and crises, but even after experiencing all that the glitzy West has to offer, I would not really want to live anywhere else.

Keep visiting.