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25 May, 2008

Puppies at Play

Okay so they are not puppies per se anymore. I am talking about my two babies.

Candy. And Bingo.

Candy, the German Shepherd, is 10 weeks short of her 2nd birthday. And Bingo, the Roadesian, is 19 months old. (I just can’t believe how time flies. It seems just the other day we brought Candy home, and mere months ago that I rescued from the streets a little ball of fur that was Bingo.)

But take a look at these photos of their latest play-date. And tell me that they’ve grown up.

Sure there were petty jealousies.

“Hey, are you drinking from MY bowl???”, growls Bingo, totally outraged. He later puts his paw in the bowl and tries to tip it over. Totally dog in the manger. It was a ‘you had to be there’ kind of moment.

Not to be outdone, a physically superior Candy pins her smaller sibling to the ground. “That’ll teach you to think MY Mommy is your Mommy,” she gloats.

A miffed Bingo makes a dignified retreat. Tail in the air.

Mommy tries to make them understand that she is mommy to them both. The children do not buy it.

But sibling rivalry aside, that they love each other is in no doubt.

And each is downcast when the date comes to an end.

Candy refuses dinner. And Bingo wails for hours.

And Mommy feels terrible at having upset her babies.

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