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25 May, 2008

Bingo's Tale

Once upon a time, a little boy wandered too far from his home and was lost amidst a concrete jungle. 'He was worried and he was blue, he was sad and crying too...'

He was rescued by a woman who took him in and raised him as her own along with her little girl.

Growing up, he became fiercely loyal, and fierce too. He went to work with his Mommy, and made her workplace his home. He prowled the place at night and kept it safe from burglars.

Misfortune struck when jealous men conspired and complained against him, and threatened his very existence.

As he spoke a different language, he was unable to plead his own case. So with evidence stacked against him, he had to leave. But where would he go? He had a reputation now for being vicious!

Mommy's parents came to the rescure - graciously providing a home. (Okay, so Mommy used a bit of waterworks and emotional blackmail.) They lived on the other side of town, a short car-ride away.

It was very exciting visiting his new home, and he fell asleep on the ride back, curling up next to Mommy. He knew that she loved him the most in this world.

On the day of the move, he made sure all his belongings were packed.

And bid farewell to old friends. They were genuinely sad to see him go, but were happy that he was going to a good home.

In the car, like all little boys, he wanted to drive. But he didn’t have a driver’s license, he was far too young of course!

But he was just as happy watching the world go by. Occasionally making sure his things were still in the car with him.

His new home wasn’t as posh as his old. But it did have one commodity in abundant supply. Love!

He lounged on Mommy’s bed. Grandpa was always ready with a hug. Grandma hired a cook to prepare him two meals a day. They were lovely people!

And there were new friends. Very exciting!

He was given day-time/night-time homes! What luxury!! The day-time home was in the shade of a spreading guava tree (you can just make out the lavender roof amongst the green leaves). And the night-time home was on the open roof. He could frolic under the starry sky. And take shelter when it rained.

He supervised the construction; making sure things were to his liking.

There were so many new things to do. He played in the rain. Chased crows and butterflies.

Sniffed plants. Played fetch.

All the running around made him thirsty. And tired. It was a hot day!

Later, he took his post near the front door, the ever vigilant sentinel.

Love and laughter were back in his life. Thank you, God.

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