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14 April, 2008

Esho he Boishakh

The much awaited day finally dawned. We headed for the festivities in Ramna Park and the Dhaka University area. Properly attired, but of course.

Ramna Park is known for its scenic beauty.
The morning was sunny and cool. Colors were bright. Spirits were high.

Almost everyone wore red and white.

Security personnel, both human and canine, were vigilant.

The songs were melodious. The crowd sang along.
Sending Nobo Borsho greetings via text messages has become a culture. It kept Ranak busy.

There was mouthwatering food. But the prices were outrageous!

Festival-goers ate Paanta-Ilish (the traditional watered rice and hilsha fish).
We ate green coconut and fresh cucumber.

There was sugarcane juice. And green mango.

We had mishti from Barisal and singara at Madhu's Canteen.

We visited the Boishakhi Mela with its hundred colorful wares.
There was entertainment galore for young and old alike. A Tanga ride, anyone?

We bought red and white glass bangles. Must follow tradition, you know. We were also tempted to have face painting done.

The Institute of Fine Arts brought out the Mongol Shobhajatra, a procession with towering figures, masks and dancers.

Pahela Boishakh 1415 was truly a memorable experience.

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