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03 April, 2008

The Birthday Bash

It was April 2nd, the blogging girl’s birthday.

First came the balloons.

The husband had a hard time waking her up at midnight to cut the cake (notice the puffy eyes).

The puppy was agog at the drama. And she wanted cake too.

A floral surprise from the parents awaited the birthday girl at the office.

There was also the handmade card.

And the surprise party.
With a surprise guest (who braved the sudden downpour to attend). He was pleased to see her wearing the dress he had bought.

The birthday girl went home with gifts galore.

The celebrations continued with dinner in a nearby restaurant. She gorged on kebabs.

She went to sleep feeling thankful for all the people who loved and cared about her.

She did not for a minute think of her age.


COCO said...

What a fun Birthday! So many great events and gifts! Was there a Birthday celebration at the office too? They say that you can measure your work place worth by celebrations at the office!

Shahnaz said...

Your name is Coco? That's a coincidence!

The surprise party was at the office. I have been extremely fortunate in my colleagues and work environment.