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25 May, 2007

About Me

Who is this 'average' person behind the Dhaka Dweller blog anyway?

Like you've seen in my profile, I am a married career woman in my mid-thirties. I have been educated in Bangladesh, Australia and the U.K.

I’m a governance/public policy analyst by training, with a strong interest in research and advocacy work targeted towards improving the lives of the average Bangladeshi.

I am friendly and outgoing by nature, yet am actually an intensely private person. I enjoy hanging out with friends, yet am just as happy staying home with a good book. Shopping is my life’s passion, and I am always frittering money away on goodies for the home, loved ones and myself - although not necessarily in that order.

The simple bare necessities* of my life:

Parents: They wave a magic wand and I am a child again - young and carefree.

Ranak: Accountant by training, the most relaxed and down-to-earth individual I have ever known. Puts up with my fiery temperament stoically. A match made in heaven.

Candy: German Shepherd by origin, our only child - so far! Lovable, loyal and intelligent. Great mischief-maker!

Friends: Spread worldwide. They keep me sane when the world around me goes crazy.

Books: If there were none, I would just die.

*Look for the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
forget about your worries and your strife..

And don't spend your time lookin' around
For something you want that can't be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin' about it
I'll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you"

Lyrics: Terry Gilkyson, used in The Jungle Book.

Thank you for visiting. Please come again.


Faisal said...

loved the way u put urself forward on the pages and expressing your emotions :)


Shahnaz said...

Thanks. My thoughts, and hence my scribbling, are random at the best of times. Appreciate the vote of confidence though.