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23 June, 2008

Mermaid Café

The Mermaid ‘beachfront’ Café at Cox’s Bazaar was highly recommended by our expat friends, with a warning that prices were on the high side - around Tk. 500 per person. Set up by a non-resident Bangladeshi, the café served seafood, grills and made available alcohol on request. (The latter is probably the reason for its popularity with the expat crowd.)

So we went to the Mermaid Chill n’ Grill Café one evening. The ambience was great, and we decided to dine alfresco.

The menu boasted mouth-watering dishes. The prices were a bit steep though. We perused both the grill and the sea-food menus and placed our order. They kindly agreed to bring the sea food orders from the other café a few hundred meters down the road.

The waitress looked familiar.

Meal choices made, some headed for a game of fussball.

Others sat and chatted. Or walked around. One got cozy with the waitress. Tut tut.

The blogging girl made friends with the housedogs. They had exotic names such as Black Forest.

Our orders arrived. The famished tribe tucked in… or tried to. The food was a grave disappointment. The grilled chicken was dry, the seafood pasta just okay, and the portions were small. The food came with rather strange accompaniments: there was grilled papaya and pumpkin, and the baked potato was sold separately! It was the first time I had western style meat with eastern style bread - garlic and spinach naans. Talk about fusion food!

And the bill when it came almost gave one diner a heart attack. She had ordered the lobster pasta for Tk. 525, and her bill came to Tk. 1575 because the price was per 100 gms and there was allegedly 300 gms of lobster in her dish. There was also a 15% VAT added on which made the price of the dish a whopping Tk. 1810!!!!!

The verdict: great ambience, good service but really really awful food. Just not worth it, mates!

1 comment:

Ehab said...

Agreed on the bad food part.

What they really should do is get a better menu. They have been serving the same menu since they opened.