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09 June, 2007

Being a Glutton

My friends and I visited a textile mart in Mirpur. Confronted with the colors, the patterns, the varieties, and the VERY reasonable prices, my brain moved into overdrive: imagining the use of this one and that one. In the end, I came away with bags and bags of fabric: rich, vibrant shades each and every one: bright ochre, ruby red, turquoise, magenta, moss green, royal blue, flame orange, emerald green... I added a few pastels as well, as an afterthought, in acknowledgement of the hot summer days: sky blue, baby pink, brilliant white, soft beige...

When I finally came to, with the clothes spread out on my bed in the evening, I saw that I have bought not one, not two, but 29 pieces!!!!

I'll admit it: I’m a glutton. It’s rather embarrassing to admit that. But it’s as if another being takes hold and no matter my promises to myself, no matter my good intentions, somehow I can’t seem to stop. Everything fades away when I am confronted with color and pattern and varieties. Not to mention rock-bottom prices.

I am also a bit of an amateur designer myself, and am obsessed with textiles, patterns and colors. I see such possibilities: this material would look lovely as an overhead canopy (a la Jatra), the sheers would make a lovely drape (I converted a chiffon saarie into drapes for the picture window in our apartment), and the possibilities with table linen and cushions are just endless.

But now of course, we have one standard line for all such temptations: "When Candy grows up."

Sigh, the SACRIFICES parents make for children - be they two-legged or four!

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